Prone Hold Variations For Everyone

The prone hold is a great exercise because it promotes core stability, works your abs, and saves your back. There is no spinal flexion involved and thus makes it a great exercise for people suffering from back issues. I have included a few variations in this video. You can also put your feet or your arms up on a swiss ball, but if I had of got that out my dog would have gone nuts. There are some form problems in this video but I just wanted to show you the variations, they mainly arise from not being ready for the next variation.


Prone Holds from LaurensFitness on Vimeo.

Some teaching points

  • On a normal prone hold you want to keep your bum down and try and squeeze your scapula (shoulder blades) together
  • During a side prone hold you want to keep in a straight line. His head was a little forward trying to look at his form, tuck your bum in and keep your shoulders back.
  • When lifting your arms and legs up you want to keep you hips and shoulders level, in that variation he struggles a bit, and needs to master the leg only one first.
  • Once you can do the prone hold for 30 seconds, move onto the next variation. Theres no need to perform holds for 5 minutes when you have 25 mins to work out.

When lifting your arms and legs up it is best to alternate but hold them for around three seconds.
If you have any questions regarding prone hold let me know, you’ll notice my subject was wobbling a bit with the arm and leg raise, it is quite a tough exercise to master, so get the other variations down pat first. You want to get core stability from this, theres no point wobbling around on a hard variation if you aren’t ready.

Here is another variation I found

That’s it guys, start getting onto this… you will see a huge difference. The prone hold is a great exercise for your core muscles. Although there are lots of components of physical fitness, including cardio vascular, bone integrity and agility etc. Core strength is sometimes ignored in our urge to work on our cardio-vascular or more obvious muscle strength. This type of strength is still very important however. That’s all, add this exercise into your program, you can us it in the warm up, at the end, or as part of the body of the weights program, it’s a good exercise that won’t kill your back. Good luck guys.

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  1. says

    Thanks for showing us these variations Lauren! I use a couple but I am keen to work up to that last one you showed, and I really like the other video (with the plates) too. Your dog was an extra cute touch :)

  2. cate says

    I’m finding that these are really hurting my back actually, I have a history of back issues. My personal trainer got me to do these while holding onto the sides of a Bosu and tilting from side to side. This hurts more, but the normal variation does as well. Is this due to position maybe?

  3. Lauren says

    If something hurts you then don’t do it. Usually the prone hold is great for back pain, but yep if you have a bad position you could be in some trouble. What kind of history of back issues are we talking about?

  4. says

    Thank you so much for these simple workout ideas! Simple but got me perspiring and aching so much now. I was desperate for some at home exercise because of the haze in singapore and i googled and got here. REALLY THANK YOU!

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