Common Pinched Nerve In Shoulder Symptoms

Often with tight muscles and bad biomechanics, we suffer from what is known as a pinched nerve, A common place to suffer this problem is in the shoulder. There are a lot of nerves running through the neck and shoulder region, and it is something that can happen easily. Injury, too much pressure or damage to the area are common causes. If you are suffering pinched nerve in shoulder symptoms, then you should head to a therapist and seek professional care.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Pinched Nerve In The Shoulder?

Pain: People suffering from a pinched nerve anywhere in the body, let alone a pinched nerve in shoulder, will likely have pain. You may experience pain in the arm, a shooting pain is a common complaint. Remember that a nerve will often refer pain, and you may not feel the pain at the actual site of the impingement. The pain may be quite severe, and will often be there until the injury is healed. Remember that there are a lot of problems that can happen to your shoulder, rotator cuff problems, frozen shoulder, and they may be the cause of your pain, or the cause of your pinched nerve. Whatever the case make sure you get to a therapist as soon as you can, in the mean time some anti inflammatory medicine may help reduce severe pain.

Numbness: If you are compressing a nerve in the shoulder area, then you may be at risk of losing sensation and experiencing numbness. This can occur in the shoulder, or anywhere down the arm, as the nerve can radiate the symptoms away from the site of impingement. You will usually experience the loss of sensation whilst the pressure is continued on the nerve.

Weakness: If you are compressing a nerve in the shoulder, then it is common to feel weakness in the muscles that the nerve innervates. You ability to contract the muscles of the shoulder, or down the arm may be inhibited, and will continue as long as the nerve is being impinged. These pinched nerve symptoms can affect and interfere with the ability to move the shoulder and arm, and can become quite noticeable if left untreated.

These are just some of the common pinched nerve in shoulder symptoms, if you find that you suffer any of these for more than a few days, make sure you head to a professional and get it checked out right away.

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