Treatment For Bulging Disc

Many people will suffer from a bulging disc at some stage, and the biggest problem is how to treat it. Treatment for bulging disc should not simply rely on bed rest, or inactivity. You need to exercise and get your back strong and ready to handle the daily load it will be put through. Being inactive will generally make things worse, as you will probably be in a sitting position, putting a lot of pressure onto the back. To find out more about treatment for bulging disc and some great information on symptoms and causes check out the bulging disc treatment post.

Now you will see two videos that I checked out and liked, that give you some great tips on how to begin exercising your back. Although at the end of the day you definitely need to see a practitioner, and get an individual exercise plan, these videos take you through some exercises you can do safely at home to help you reduce your pain and hopefully heal your bulging disc. If you have any pain, simply stop. We don’t want to work through pain when we are on our own.

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    Lauren, As a physio myself, I can”t help but weigh in on your video contributers. If my sister had a disc problem, I would not be likely send her to the physio in video one. The truth is, there are many physios that I would not send my sister to. Here’s the interesting thing. the physio in video #2 would get my referal for a disc in a split second. That’s a great summary of the right path to take with a disc herniation.

    It’s important for patients to know that if they have a disc herniation, they do not need a stabilization protocol like in video 1(unless your disc is long past being a problem), you need a disc protocol, which was introduced nicely in video 2.

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