How To Strengthen Hip Flexors

So instead of making my own videos, thanks to the large amount of stuff available on you tube, I have done the research for you and found some very good videos on how to strengthen hip flexors.

The hip flexors are a problematic area. They can be tight and/ or weak. Weakness in the hip flexor can cause a posterior tilt. Not only does this severely impair your performance, it can end up causing injuries through huge muscle imbalances. When we talk about hip flexor weakness we are mostly talking about the Iliopsoas group of muscles. I have found three videos that I like, and explain and give a few good exercises for the hip flexors. Remember that these exercises aren’t for everyone and if there is any pain (especially in the lower back as the hip flexors attach to the lower back) during them, you should stop.

The first video will talk a little more about hip flexor weakness and problems that can arise, and then will go through some good starting rehabilitation exercise. These are great for people starting out and show good progressions.

The second video is a popular exercise used to help strengthen the hip flexor muscles. Mike Boyle is a well known strength coach and he uses this with a lot of his athletes. Strong hip flexors mean stronger athletic movements and are very important in running and kicking. These are a must if you have any deficiencies at all.

The third video shows some higher level hip flexor exercises that include the other hip flexors. These are suggested to be used later on. Isolate to start to ensure that you recruit the iliopsoas muscles, otherwise you may just overcompensate with your other hip flexors.

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