New Ebook! How To Release Your Body With a Foam Roller and Tennis Ball

OK guys, I am a fair way through my new eBook, yet to be officially titled but already full of ridiculously good information.

It will be a how to guide, focusing on releasing your body with a foam roller and a tennis ball. I wanted to give everyone the heads up and make sure you come to the site and subscribe. I just set up a new mailing list, and once I am done I will be sending out a discount code to all my previous subscribers. If you are reading this through RSS…come to the site and subscribe via mail. If you happened to stumble on this post, sign up. Really easy to do on the right hand side of this post.

Can’t wait till you can see the final product!

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    • Lauren says

      Hey! Right now it’s still being put together and processed in Word for Mac, nothing too flashy just yet :-) It is exciting. I figured I have so much good information to give, and I keep recommending other peoples products, doesn’t quite make sense.

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