How to Heal Knee Pain Fast: 4 Hot Tips

If you suffer from chronic knee pain, you can get quick relief with these 4 hot tips on how to heal knee pain fast. These are all easy to apply and can be done immediately. If you have suffered from a knee injury, these are not for you initially. Make sure you get your knee checked out, get a proper diagnosis and start your treatment. These tips are for general knee pain that occurs chronically.

Self Soft Tissue Work

The biggest thing you can do that will help you get relief is some self soft tissue work. You will need a foam roller and a tennis ball. There are several areas you should concentrate on if you have knee pain. Often tight muscles can place unwanted pressure on the knee, and trigger points can refer pain into the knee. I would suggest you work your quadriceps, ITB and your calf muscles to start.

Here is an example of using a Foam Roller on your quads.

You can use both the tennis ball and the ITB on these areas. If you want more information on exactly how to release your muscles and get rid of your muscle and joint pain check out my self massage book.

Compression Sleeve

A trick I use when my knees are playing up, and one that can give your relief throughout the day or during activity. Warmth helps knees, you feel more mobile and your knee will move easier. If you are suffering from pain in your patella, or any chronic deep ache a compression sleeve can help in the short term. Get a compression sleeve and wear it during the day, or during any activity that you do. It helps to keep the joint warm, which really does help with the pain.


if you can strategically stretch you will help your knee pain. i suggest you do a very strong hip flexor stretch. This will also get the rec fem, which is a muscle that greatly affects knee pain. Tight hips and a tight rec fem place a lot of unwanted pressure onto the knee. Check out this hip flexor post on how to stretch them effectively. Perform a calf stretch everyday to help release your calves.

Anti Inflammatory Gel + Glad Wrap

I use this little trick to help get rid of my knee pain. I use an anti-inflammatory gel, rub in on my kneeā€¦a lot of it, and then cover the knee in glad wrap. I’m not sure what this is called in the USA but sandwich wrap. It clings to you and is hot. i don’t know why it works, I don’t know the science, i only know it helps me. Particularly when there is swelling involved.

Try these four tips immediately and see what helps you.


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