Easy At Home Exercise: The Squat

No time for the gym? No problem. Working out at home can give you great results if you have the right knowledge and understanding. There are a lot of exercises that you can do at home, without any equipment that will help you reach your health and fitness goals. One of the most popular exercises that anyone can do anywhere is the squat. It is a great exercise that targets a lot of the leg muscles, helps build strength and done in the right rep range will also burn a lot of calories. If you are interested in a whole workout at home guide with over 100 exercises, check it out here.

It’s All About Technique

The key to getting the most out of the squat is technique. Sure, if you want to lift heavy weights in the gym you can’t do it without good technique. However even if your goal is to work out at home without any weights, in order to hit the right muscles and get the most out of the squat you need to get it right. Check out the following video showing you exactly how to squat, at home. All you need is a coffee table!

The Video

Key Points

You will notice in this video I talk mostly about moving backwards first with your hips. This will ensure that you engage your glutes and get some posterior chain into the squat, rather than just bending at your knees. Ensure that you keep your chest up and shoulders back, this will automatically mean your lower back is locked and with a slight curve as you go down into the squat. Some people are limited by their hip and ankle mobility, so if you find going deep like in the video is very difficult, you should address your hips and ankles first. These are very common limitations that can instantly give you a better squat.

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