The Ultimate Living Room Workout Guide

You Will Discover...

  • How To Save Cash

    Gym memberships cost money. Personal training is expensive.

    With this program you have a low one time cost and almost a years worth of customized workouts.

  • A Better Way To Eat

    Exercise isn’t everything when it comes to body transformations.

    If you want to overhaul your diet, I have just the chapter for you. The strategies and tips I used to get the body I have today.

  • How To Stop Wasting Time

    Get results with 20 to 30 minute workouts, 3 times a week.

    You don’t need to train harder, you don’t even need to go to the gym. It’s not magic, I can show you how to do it in your own home.

What's Inside This Great Guide?

  • Over 100 exercises you can do in your living room. Without any equipment
  • Pictures and explanations for each exercise, and links to videos for the ones with a lot of movement.
  • 66 easy to follow workouts, with links back to each exercise for reference.
  • Specific workouts for knee pain, posture correction, upper and lower body, increasing your jump, ab and bum.
  • 6-10 Week plans ranging from beginners to the very advanced. These workout plans are specifically put together to make sure you get variety in your workout, but progress accordingly.
  • Free Nutrition Bonus Sections that gives you 7 easy to follow points to help you change your nutrition. Body transformations don’t occur without eating right.

Check Out What People Are Saying About No Equipment No Excuses

These are real people, if you want to contact them let me know.

Pedro, USA I’m impressed, and a little speechless. You wrote the book that I’ve been trying to find for years. It’s like you jumped into my mind and took all of my criticisms, coupled that with all the workouts and programs that I wish I could’ve created and organized them into a simple, applicable text for people trying to workout, at home, with no equipment. It surpassed my expectations; I finished the book thinking, “Wow! Someone finally got it!”
Adam, Body By Bate This eBook is insane! Very well done. This is the ultimate workout from home guide I’ve ever seen. I love that you touch on a variety of things before diving into the exercises – compare types of exercise, food and diet, etc. And your exercises are laid out very well. The book is as close to perfect as I think you’re going to get.

... and now take a look at Yvette.

Yvette used No Equipment No Excuses for 9 months, and this is what happened.

"I have the No Equipment No Excuses book which my hubby and I do each morning before our day starts! I am 10 kilos lighter and more important the fat loss is huge and the muscles base is strong and lean. At 47 it's the best version of my body I have every had!

My husband and I use your programs a few times per week no matter where we are in the world, no matter what room or location we are in! This will continue for the rest of our lives because the feeling of being properly fuelled  with good nutrition and the strength and flexibility that your fitness programs gives you is frigging awesome!"

No Time To Workout? Can't Get To The Gym?... Let Me Help You.


You Will Have Instant Access To...

  • Over 100 Exercises

    You will get over 100 exercises with pictures, videos and explanations. All these require zero exercise equipment.

  • 66 Custom Workouts

    With 66 custom workouts you can’t go wrong. If you are traveling or supplementing a weights program, choose one of the workouts to suit your level and get it done.

  • 5 Long Term Plans

    You can choose from 6-10 week plans, customized to ensure you progress quickly and effectively. Beginners 6 week, Beginners 10 week, Intermediate 10 Week, Advanced 10 Week and Advanced Fat Loss 6 Week.

  • Online Personal Training

    If you want it, I am available by email at all times to buyers. Don’t understand something? (you will it’s easy to follow), just email me. Need help with specific goals? Just hit me up. I’m there for you.

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60 Day Money Back Guarantee

This stuff works, I know it does. You follow the plans in here and you will see results.

However, If you don’t like the ebook, send me an email and I’ll refund your money without questions. You can keep it for free. Totally risk free purchase.


Discover Another Great Success Story From No Equipment No Excuses...

Here is what Renato from Brazil had to say

Just writing to let you know about the amazing results I’ve been having with No Equipment No Excuses! First of all, English is not my first language, so I hope I can express myself as clear as possible. I’ve always been an enthusiast of body weight exercises, for philosophical reasons but mostly for lack of time to go to a gym.

I’m Brazilian, and in Brazil few people talk about body weight exercises. I should say that in Brazil there’s a gym culture, not a workout culture. I had tried Mark Lauren’s YAYOG before, and it’s pretty good. But it never got me 100% satisfied. After a session, even in the intermediate level, I didn’t feel “worked out”. This is even though I couldn’t complete some of the workouts. Paradoxical, or it just didn’t “click”.

One day you posted a workout preview on your blog, which I saved for later. One day I tried it and found it just perfect! The perfect amount of sweat and effort and feeling good. So then when the book came I bought it and started working out. I consider myself to be at the intermediate level. But I started at the beginner level, so that I could catch up (had been some time without working out).

You won’t believe me (just kidding, I know you will), I had never had abs like this! I can say the same of my legs, my flexibility and my posture. I’m getting closer and closer to the lean and muscular body (not a bulky one) that I always wanted. Amazing results! I’m really excited about it and can’t even know what to expect on the weeks to come!

Thank you for the excellent program! One more success story!

More Happy People

This is great Lauren. I am a mother with limited time and resources. I find the book easy to follow and I can get my workout done before the kids wake up. I have started on the beginners workout which I find challenging but doable. Will let you know in a couple of weeks how I am progressing. Thanks again. Pam, Australia
Congrats on excellent book. I have been doing strength training for last few years. After completing Stronglifts 5×5, 3×5 and 1×5, I am now on 531 routine. One cannot have any excuse of not doing the exercise considering the exercises you have in your book. I have incorporated few of them in my warmup/recovery session. Thanks for the informative book and keep up the great work. Jeet, USA
 I am so impressed with the fact that Lauren truly created an ebook and not a simple PDF version of a hard copy. She took the time to take pictures of herself demonstrating every exercise, and where appropriate includes links to YouTube videos. There are also links back to the description of each exercise so you can easily jump back to the description if you need to. The pages are laid out nicely so nothing seems cramped. I view the book in landscape orientation on my iPad and it’s really a joy to use! Bill, USA
I am over 50, over weight and over it. I brought your book thinking maybe I can do some of these and guess what? I can. The exercises are very easy to understand and the workouts easy to follow but challenging. I love the fact the pictures show the exercise or have a link so I can follow the workouts and know that I am doing it right for maximum results. I have no results (only been a week!) but geez I feel good about myself for starting and sticking to the program so that is a win already. Thanks for a perfect book Lauren, for all ages and types. Ros, Australia
This book is hands down, one of the must have resources if you want to get fit in the comfort of your own home. The descriptions and plans are through and easy to follow. I urge you to pick up a copy today! Eric, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

I am really unfit and overweight, can I really make it through this program? +
Absolutely. I really want anyone to be able to do this program, so you will find a level for you. Even those who haven’t got off the couch in years.

If you buy the book and feel like you are still unable to achieve it, email me and we’ll talk through the problems and find solutions for you.

I go to the gym A LOT, I want something to reference when I travel. How advanced do you go with the workouts? +
So advanced that I am a mess after completing some of the advanced workouts, and I’m a pro athlete who trains for Volleyball twice a day. As I discovered, you can work pretty hard in your living room!
Is this program for men and women? +
This is a common question. Given that I am a woman it’s mostly men wondering if it’s useful for them as well.

Strength training doesn’t need to be any different for men or women, the only thing that changes are our hormone levels and responses to the workout.

Men can pack on muscle with ease, girls tend to get strong but get less of the bulk. I actually have more guys buying the book than women so far. In the last email I sent some reviews from dudes, so go and check them out if you want! What is important is the level you are currently at, not your gender.

I really want to lose fat, can this help me transform my body? +
Absolutely. If you bought this book to help you lose fat (which is one of the most common requests for help I get), then No Equipment. No Excuses. can help you. If you don’t already strength train, you are missing out on so much.

Building muscle will help you increase your metabolism and burn A LOT more calories when you aren’t doing anything at all. I explain a bit more of the science and why it’s important in the book, but trust me, if you want to lose fat you need to strength train.

One of the most important things when you want to lose weight is nutrition. I give you a complete nutrition section with 7 really easy steps you can follow that will help you transform your body.

How soon will I get my ebook? +
This is a digital product so you will get a download link directly to your email. You get access right away.
How soon can I see results? +
This isn’t a quick fix. You follow my nutrition steps and you do the workouts and you will start to see results in the first week. Big changes occur within 6 weeks.
Can this help me to build muscle mass? +
Yes. To build muscle you need to put strain and stress on your muscle fibers. I make sure you progress and the exercises get tougher each week. Believe me, you can get a lot out of body weight work if you are creative, and I certainly am.


Consider These 6 Facts Once More...

  • It helps you lose fat and build muscle in the comfort of your own living room.

  • You will learn how to eat to get the most out of your training. It’s surprisingly simple.

  • You don’t need any equipment. Zero. Nada. Wait do you have a couch?

  • You can start at whatever level and you have 42 weeks of customized plans, 5 long term, 66 individual workouts and over 100 exercises.

  • It doesn’t cost you your life savings. A much cheaper option than the gym or personal training, for $27 it’s a steal.

  • Oh and if you don’t like it, it’s free.

Get Your Copy Now For $29

This guide literally costs less than one session with a beginner personal trainer. Give it a try. Don't like it and I'll give you your money back.

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