Bulging Disc Treatment At Home: 4 Hot Tips

Nearly everyone suffers from lower back pain at some point in their lives, and for the lucky few of us who get to experience the pain of a bulging disc can understand the importance of being able to treat it and get rid of your pain at home. Herniated discs are no joke, but luckily […]

Sciatica Pain and Herniated Disc

Pain going from the back down the leg is a common condition called sciatica. A common cause of sciatica is a herniated disc. The displaced disc will place pressure on the sciatic nerve, which runs down the lumbar spine. The biggest cause of a herniated disc is bending forwards or to the side and attempting […]

How To Relieve a Tight Lower Back

Your back feels tight, and your first instinct is to stretch it… bad news is this is almost allays going to result in an even tighter back. Often your tight lower back is caused by something else completely different. If you have an issue or injury such as a bulging disc, it is a little […]

Bulging Disc Treatment


If you are interested in keeping your whole body healthy, and learning how to release your muscles with just a foam roller and a tennis ball you should check out my ebook, The Ultimate Self Massage Guide. It runs through important muscles, and gives you a step by step instruction on how to use both […]