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I was having problems with my shoulder, trouble lifting it over my head. The step by step were easy to follow and already it feels better. I followed the instructions for the tennis ball and can’t wait to get a foam roller. It’s very clear and easy to understand. Thanks!

Pam, 58 Australia

I’m glad you found me. I will teach you how to release your muscles and get rid of your pain at home, by yourself. With just a tennis ball and a foam roller.

These are two amazing tools that give you total control over your muscle and joint pain…and I will show you exactly how to use them, from your feet right up to your neck.

Why Listen To Me?

frontI’m a personal trainer, with a degree in Sports Science and Rehabilitation. I’ve been a professional athlete for 7 years.

Before going pro and during my off seasons I have worked with Volleyball and Soccer teams, plus many different individuals. I know my way around an anatomy book, but this isn’t why you should trust me.

Since going pro, I have been trying to find ways to speed up my recovery, cut down my injuries, and get back on the court pain and injury free. Here is an excerpt from the eBook…

Whilst playing in Germany I had shoulder pain, something not uncommon for a Volleyball player. I was lying in bed in pain, and had my mobile phone next to me. I started putting it under my shoulder, trying to dig in the infraspinatus and release it like I would imagine the physiotherapist doing.  I found a great position (as shown in the infraspinatus section), and the next day had range of motion I could only dream of the night before. I upgraded to a tennis ball quickly and was pretty proud of myself.

I have been experimenting and working on my own body and I know what works for me, and for the many people I share my secrets with. Nothing beats personal experience, and I have made all the mistakes and refined my techniques on myself.  I know my advice will help you, because it has made me a better athlete.


Great book! It is interesting, educational and also very practical. The clear, well explained techniques demonstrated in the book have really helped me make the most of my training and stay pain-free.

- Mark,

Many thanks for the code for the massage guide Lauren, it’s such a helpful book, I found it very user-friendly and full of useful information.  It helped me understand the whys and what muscles I had to work on to help my problem.

- Kian,

This stuff hurts! But it really helped my back pain after I worked on my upper glutes, I was really surprised. I don’t think the pictures need to be brighter, I could follow them perfectly. Oh and I loved your model! Fellow volleyball player I guess?

- Mark D,

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Awesome work. Simple and direct, in this book you can find a lot of clear information, about self myofascial release, teaching how use tools foam roller and tennis ball, giving tips to do a SML and “kill” pain. Strongly recommended!

Rodrigo Nascente, Brazil

Why Trigger Points Are Your Worst Enemy

Steal this guys tennis ball and hit your trigger points! Photo credit: Michal Osmenda

Steal this guys tennis ball and hit your trigger points!
Photo credit: Michal Osmenda

A trigger point is a specific area in the muscle where the fibres are over active and cannot relax and release from their contracted state. Most of us at some point in time would have referred to this as a knot.

Trigger points can be actively painful, i.e. you feel the pain at the site or because of the trigger point. They can also be completely pain free, unless they are poked and touched. These are called latent trigger points. Both will cause you issues and further pain.

Not only do some trigger points hurt you right on the spot, they can get you in places totally unrelated. A big symptom of a trigger point is its referred pain. Trigger points have the ability to send their pain to another part of the body and can cause:

  • Neck Pain
  • Jaw Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Headaches
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • General Muscle & Joint Pain

Often joint pain we experience is simple referred pain from trigger points. It is common to feel referred pain from a trigger point in your wrists, shoulders, knees and hips.

Sometimes, you just don’t know they are there. In this case, it’s not too serious, but if you have knee pain and it is because you have some trigger points in your calves, it is very easy for it go unnoticed and untreated. In fact, this is a common cause, or secondary cause of knee pain. The pain caused by latent trigger points is often more worrying than those of active ones. Trigger points make the muscle tighter and shorter, often reducing range of motion. If you don’t know they are there, chances are they will go untreated and can lead to further injury and bad mechanics.

What Is Fascia & Why Is It Keeping You In Pain?

Fascia is a massive sheath of connective tissue that surrounds everything inside your body. Really, everything. Right from top to bottom you are covered in fascia. There are three different types that can be located in the body.

Every single muscle in your body is wrapped tightly in many directions of fascia. The interconnected nature of fascia means that everything in the body is connected to everything else. Fascia is basically all joined in various lines throughout the body. Here are the 5 lines of fascia.

If your fascia is too tight, it can restrict your muscles ability to perform optimally, not to mention grow and repair. Remember, it’s like it’s holding the muscle together, if it’s too tight, there’s no room to move. It can also alter your biomechanics and cause you problems in other areas.

I Can Teach You To STOP Your Pain Now

Release Your Fascia & Trigger Points At Home

self massage guide exampleIf you suffer from any muscle aches or pains, this book can teach you how to get rid of them. For each muscle you will be explained in detail the WHAT, WHY and HOW. This will enable you to become totally self sufficient in treating your pain and have complete control over your body.

  • In the WHAT section you’ll get an anatomy picture and an explanation of where the muscle is, and what exactly it performs. A very basic, yet understandable anatomy lesson.
  • In the WHY section you’ll learn what pain and dysfunction this muscle can cause. You’ll be surprised how often muscles can refer to other places.
  • In the HOW section, pictures coupled with detailed instructions take you through the process, so you have no doubts. I teach you how to become self sufficient and how to get the most out of your body.

Now, not only will you have control over your pain… you will also potentially save a lot of money.

When you have pain, you are tight, your joints hurt or you are recovering from an injury, it’s common to go to a massage therapist and get some deep healing. This is great, but over time can get pretty expensive.

You could pay $70 a visit every week to a massage therapist, or you could start to take your healing into your own hands.

The Ultimate Self Massage Guide will help you get all the benefits of massage therapy, at home, by yourself and at a much lower cost. You will save money, and be pain free. With some simple foam roller exercises and smart use of a tennis ball, you can be on your way to a new body.

Don’t wait any longer, get down and dirty with the foam roller and tennis ball.

Wait! I Don’t Have A Foam Roller!

I show you how to release each muscle with a tennis ball as well. You can use any kind of ball, a lacrosse ball, baseball… whatever you have lying around the house. If you like the results and want to grab a foam roller, I show you where to get a dirt cheap one (under $10). It’s not necessary to spend anymore money.

What’s In The Book?

  • 52 page pictorial and written guide on how to release the important and common pain causing muscles in your body.
  • The what, why and how on each muscle.
  • Clear pictures and examples, coupled with concise and easy to understand instructions.
  • You will learn to identify points of pain, how to discover them and how to release them.
  • An understanding of how to release both muscles and fascia that commonly cause problems, right from your feet up to your neck… and how they are connected.
  • Learn how to effectively get rid of shoulder pain, neck pain, upper and lower back pain, hip and glute pain and stiffness, leg and knee pain, calf pain, ankle stiffness, Achilles problems and much more.

You are getting information that will save you a ton of money, and keep you pain free. Being able to work on your muscles and understand your body on your own is a very valuable tool, and one that can keep you fit and healthy for life.

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I forced myself to foam roll even if it hurt a lot. The day after I was really surprised with the result. My quads and calves were a lot less sore! I now do it almost every night and i even got used to the foam roller! Great book.

- Liv,

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